Compatible BDS High Precision Differential AIO

SMART6 – L receiver is a GPS + GLONASS dual-band carrier phase differential AIO (all-in-one). The built-in Pinwheel ® multipath suppression antenna module can receive high-quality GNSS signals in a bad reception environment. The core calculation module, adopting OEM6- the latest technology of NovAtel, can realize the decimeter-level accuracy at the single point and the centimeter-level accuracy at the dual-band carrier phase difference to the highest. In addition to receiving GPS and GLONASS signals, it can also expand its working scope to receive Beidou and Galileo signals, greatly improving the satellite’s availability. Products’ built-in GL1DE ® smooth technology can provide you with super smooth positioning results and Edge-to-Edge multiplicity beyond imagination, especially suitable for artificial guidance, automatic alignment and other applications.

Total System Signal Reception

50Hz Data Rate

GL1DE Smooth Carrier Phase

AIO Built-In Antenna

Application Fields

Specific Parameters