Beidou Data Transmission terminal

The Beidou data transmission terminal is a multi-system receiver designed by Beidou Navigation for vehicle navigation monitor and ocean data transmission. It supports S and L frequencies of BDS RDSS and B1 and GPS L1 frequencise of RNSS, enabling bi-directional positioning of RDSS, short message communication, position report, positioning and timing service of RNSS. The terminal can provide the real-time location information of the carrier. With special software, it possesses the function of information exchange with a PC and can realize data forwarding and transmission in which the communications link is more reliable and the location information is more accurate; meanwhile, due to its integrated design, it is convenient to install. It is equipped with serial ports, facilitating users to secondary development.

5W Power Amplifier

BDS+GPS Positioning

Flange / Magnetic-attraction installation

Integrated Design

Application Fields

Specific Parameters