BD Phone-II D

BD Phone-II D
Beidou Multifunction Dual-mode handset Type D

BD Phone-II D, Beidou + GPS dual mode mobile terminal, possesses Beidou short message communication function, achieving location notification and bi-directional message sending and receiving via Beidou satellite navigation system. It can provide a variety of wireless communication channels, such as Bluetooth, WIFI, built-in 3G communication and RFID, according to customer requirements, to enjoy voice calls, high-speed downloading and data transmission; meanwhile, in places that are not covered by public network, it can provide bi-directional communication services via Beidou short message, and provide Beidou services in many industries, such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, forest patrol and border patrol. (In addition: the Ports and application software of the terminal may be provided a variety of customized services according to the customer’s need.)

BDS Communication

BDS+GPS Positioning

China Unicom 3G


Application Fields

Specific Parameters