BD Phone II A

BD Phone II A
Beidou Multifunction Dual-mode handset Type A

BD Phone-Ⅱ A is a 5-inch screen multifunction smart phone introduced by BDStar with the features of built-in Beidou short message and Beidou positioning and navigation. Adopting Qualcomm quad-core CPU, supporting EVDO 3G communications and the function of Beidou short message communication make it currently the most functional Beidou handset. With reinforcement design, BD Phone-Ⅱ A supports a 1.2 m drop and reaches IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof protection grade, meets the major needs in field use and has been widely used in emergency communications, smart tourism and other industries.

BDS Communication

BDS+GPS Positioning

China Telecom 3G


Application Fields

Specific Parameters