BD Phone I

BD Phone I
BD Smartphone

BDStar smartphone is a universal smart communication terminal which has the three-proofing feature, a solid structure and powerful functions. Based on Android intelligent operating system, BDStar smartphone is developed on the Qualcomm hardware platform and owns the excellent waterproof, dustproof, and fall-proof ability. BDStar smartphone organically integrates the three-proofing, BDS + GPS, multimode communication, multi-sensors, large capacity battery and other functions, making the terminal be able to easily deal with all kinds of complicated and severe application scenarios, such as scheduling, field operation, property management, construction, transportation, logistics, administrative law enforcement, manufacturing industrial and mining and other industries. The protective capability of BDStar smartphone reaches IP67 industry standard, waterproof, dustproof, intact after frequent fall down from1.5 meters high. Its excellent protection design completely meets the requirements of industrial fields under the bad environment, ensuring the service life and reliability of smart phone.

BDS+GPS Positioning

IP67 Protection Grade

Variety of sensors

Application Fields

Specific Parameters