Ultra-High Performance (UHP) Micro Mechanical Inertia Measurement Unit

STIM300 is a small IMU without auxiliary GPS, has the same gyroscope performance and high-performance accelerometer as the very mature STIM210 module. With 3 built-in inclinometers to ensure precise system leveling, it is not sensitive to magnetic field and introduces full temperature compensation. All of its shafts have been conducted mechanical and electrical alignment with respect to its encapsulation datum. Compared with FOG system of relatively high price and heavy weight, it is an ideal substitute product which is highly reliable, cost-effective and not restricted by ITAR. Its output format, sample rate, filter settings are all allowed to be set by customers, suitable for all kinds of commercial and military guidance and inertial navigation applications.

IMU High-Performance IMU

High Cost Performance

2000Hz High Update Rate

Full Temperature Compensation