Ultra-High Performance Multi-Axis Gyro Module

STIM210 is a high-performance MEMS gyroscope module, with characteristics of small size, moderate price and reliable performance in harsh environments and can accommodate three axes at most. It has the features of light weight, short start-up time, high bias instability, supporting the trigger input, data timestamp, high sampling rate and full temperature compensation, and not being restrained by the International Arms Trade Agreement (ITAR), sets up the industry benchmark for MEMS gyroscope module industry. It can be an alternative of the expensive, fragile and easy to wear current fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) and mechanical gyro sensors made of quartz or other materials. Thus, it is very suitable to be used on stable systems of platform, navigation and control in the field of industry, aerospace and defense.

Three-Axis Gyro

High Cost-Effective

2000Hz High Update Rate

Full Temperature Compensation

Application Fields

Specific Parameters