Remote Sensing Product Solutions

Mud flat is a special intersection zone between land and sea. It is difficult to get there by human. If we use the traditional mapping mode, it needs to layout a lot of ground control points, which means a great challenge to the mapping. The UAV LiDAR system, integrating high-precision GNSS / INS integrated navigation […]

As the domestic power grid continues to expand, long-distance transmission lines, such as UHV(EHV) transmission lines expand rapidly, and many transmission lines are located in the mountains, daily inspections on power lines need to strengthen, to maintain the power lines, to update electricity ledger data and to prevent electrical accidents, etc. Currently, the main work […]

As the gradual transition from digital forestry to smart forestry, information technology and forestry is deeply integrated to help and support forestry production, organization and management. Various elements related to forestry production are implemented digital design, intelligent control and scientific management. Effective supervision is conducted on forests, wetlands, desert, the status and dynamic changes of […]