Inertial Navigation Product Solutions

Marine Surveying is a high-tech application receiving more and more attention in recent years. The Marine Surveying system typically consists of GNSS receiver, inertial measurement unit, laser scanner, multi-beam detector, etc. The multi-beam detector is an important means to acquire precise topography and geomorphology of shallow waters around islands and reefs; the laser scanner is […]

Digital city achieves wide share of city information, by using the geospatial framework as positioning reference, and integrating comprehensive information of nature, society, economy, humanity and environment of the city, based on the network infrastructure. Digital city represents the development direction of city informationization, and serves as an important means for driving the informationization of […]

In order to defend national sovereignty and safeguard national territories, territorial waters and airspace, it is necessary to conduct timely inspections, monitoring and intelligence information collection on disputed areas, track suspicious targets and obtain evidence. Under this background, various detection platforms have became the standard equipment of reconnaissance aircraft, patrol aircraft, marine surveillance ships, coast […]

SOTM is short for “mobile satellite ground station communication system”. Through SOTM system, vehicles, ships, aircrafts and other mobile carriers can track the communication satellite in real time in the process of movement, and transmit voice, data, images and other multimedia information without interruption. It can meet the multimedia communication needs for a variety of […]

Aerial vehicles contain various types of aircraft and spacecraft. In order to ensure smooth flight and security of an aircraft and make its flight path under control, monitor its flight status in real time, a heading and attitude measurement system is needed to install on an aircraft to measure and control the roll angle, pitch […]

Aerial photography for survey and mapping refers to the technology to make use of aerial camera or laser scanner on the plane or other aircrafts to obtain photos and point cloud of ground objects and to draw out topographic maps, combining measurement of ground control points, annotation and stereoscopic plotting. It is widely used in […]