Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

UGVs use onboard sensors to sense the environment around, and control the steering and speed of the vehicle according to the roads, vehicle positions and obstacle information obtained from the sensors, thus let the vehicle safely and reliably travel on the road. UGVs are smart cars, and also known as wheeled mobile robot, relying mainly on the vehicle’s computer system-based smart autopilot to achieve unmanned driving and feature a better safety performance. UGVs have essentially changed the traditional “man – vehicle – road” closed-loop control mode, and ask the driver out of the closed loop system, thus greatly improving the efficiency and safety of the transportation system.

In the UGV applications, the NovAtel SPAN® high-precision integrated navigation products can conduct precise measurements on the three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and three-dimensional attitudes of the vehicle. The measured information can help onboard computers to achieve path planning, trajectory tracking, vehicle steering and other vehicle control activities; meanwhile, the high-smoothness information from the SPAN® integrated navigation products can effectively reduce the incorrect operations from the vehicle control system.