Robot Navigation

As people increase marine investigation and development in recent years, underwater robots are widely used. ROVs are widely used in a variety of underwater operations. AUV, a large-scale, deep-depth operating equipment, has been rapidly developed in deep-ocean resource exploration and scientific investigation recently. Due to manufacturing cost and risk of personnel, the development of manned submersible slows down. Currently the main application fields of underwater robot include underwater engineering, offshore oil, salvage and rescue and marine scientific investigation.

OS3D-FG, BDStar’s MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System, uses the posture of the robot calculated by magnetic detector, gyroscope and accelerometer inertial device and combines with satellite navigation to provide the positioning location information of the robot.

BDStar’s MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System is not only used in mobile robotics, but also used in autonomous flying robot systems. MEMS navigation system provides the flight status information of the autonomous flying robots, which includes: spatial position and altitude of the flight, and the flight attitude, to ensure the accuracy of the attitude and heading of the UAVs.