Digital Mining Application

As profits in coal industry reduce and reforms in electric power industry which is the major coal consumer deepen, how to improve the efficiency of coal mining operation, reduce power generation cost and improve the operational efficiency of power generation enterprises, has became the essential problem about surviving and development in front of mining operations and power generation enterprises. Now Digital Mining has become the direction of development of energy companies, including digital coal yard classified piled-up, digital mining calibration, collection and transportation operations, coal yard mechanical control. BDStar’s digital mining solutions, relying on GPS \ Beidou high-precision satellite navigation equipment, provides real-time high-accuracy position results for operation vehicles and manipulators through fiber optic\GPRS\radio and other differential links, and returns the position results to the monitoring center in real time through wireless transmission medium. It schedules and controls operation machines through the softwares in the monitoring center in real time, thus avoiding cross-area operations and reducing the probability of misoperation, improving the efficiency of the entire operation.