Smart Healthcare System

Smart healthcare system is a recently coined medical proper term. Through the creation of the health archives regional health information platform and the use of the most advanced Internet of Things technology, it realizes the interactions between patients, medical staff, medical institutions and medical equipment, so as to gradually achieve informatization for healthcare system. In the near future, the medical industry will integrate more artificial intelligence, sensor technology and other high-tech, to make the medical service be really intelligent, and promote the prosperity and development of medical cause. Under the background of the new medical reform in China, smart healthcare system is available to ordinary people’s lives.

OS3D-FG is BDStar’s MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System. BDStar unceasingly explores the field of ultrasonic testing. It puts subminiature MEMS AHRS in the probe, corrects the 3D attitude and heading data of the probe in real time through using inertial devices, such as gyro accelerometer, to ensure the information of the probe is accurate. In addition, for medical personnel training and other training programs, it corrects the hand gesture information of the medical staff in real time, providing a solid and security guarantee for doctors’ training and accurate operation.