Automotive Test

Automotive test refers to the detection and evaluation of an automobile’s comprehensive performance through a series of technical operations in accordance with relevant provisions of the Automobile Transportation Vehicle Technology Management and relevant policies, regulations and standards in respect to national security, energy and environmental conservation. Automobile comprehensive performance refers to a combination of various technical performances, such as vehicle dynamic quality, safety, fuel economy performance, serviceability, exhaust emission and noise as well as the integrity and status of vehicle equipment, rain proof performance.

Automotive Test contains passive safety test, active safety test and vehicle performance test. Information like velocity and attitude is certainly to be used in these tests. Conventional vehicle speed tester only relies on GPS for speed measurement. In case of sheltered environment, the accuracy of the measured speed will be poor.

OS3D-FG, BDStar’s MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System, integrates high-performance MEMS gyroscope, MEMS accelerometer and fluxgate magnetometer. It assists GPS to accurately measure the velocity, attitude and other information of the vehicle. OS3D-FG features small size, high performance and low cost, gradually being used in the automotive test industry.