Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial photogrammetry features fast mapping speed,

precision consistency and low cost,

and is not subject to climate and season changes.

UAV Agricultural Plant Protection application

Help the flight control system to control and adjust the flight attitude of the aircraft,

and identify the operation areas independently, thus improving operating efficiency.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) asks the driver out of the closed loop system,

thus greatly improving the efficiency and safety of the transportation system.

Automotive Test

Automotive Test contains passive safety test, active safety test and vehicle

performance test. Information like speed and attitude is certainly to be used in these tests.

Tram Application

It significantly improves the operational efficiency and intelligent level of the trams.

It can provide vehicles position information with an accuracy up to centimeter level,

as well as velocity, time and other parameters.

Digital Mining Application

It provides real-time high-accuracy position results for operation vehicles and manipulators,

schedules and controls operation machines in real time,

thus reducing the probability of misoperation and improving the efficiency of the entire operation.

Driving Test System

The driving test system greatly reduces the renovation projects to original site test roads and equipment,

and shortens the time and cost of installation,

commissioning and maintenance in the later stage.

Smart Healthcare System

Smart healthcare system is a recently coined medical proper term.

Through the creation of the health archives regional health information platform and the use of the most advanced Internet of Things technology,

it realizes the interactions between patients, medical staff, medical institutions and medical equipment,

so as to gradually achieve informatization for healthcare system.

Robot Navigation

Due to manufacturing cost and risk of personnel, the development of manned submersible slows down.

Currently the main application fields of underwater robot include underwater engineering, offshore oil, salvage and rescue and marine scientific investigation.


“SOTM” is composed of two parts:

satellite automatic tracking system and satellite communication system.

Satellite automatic tracking system is intended to ensure that the satellite transmit antenna points at the satellite accurately during vehicle movement.

BeiDou Emergency Communication application

The BeiDou emergency communication system can quickly set up a command and communication network based on the BeiDou satellite communication link,

to achieve autonomous navigation and location monitoring by combining with the BeiDou System’s positioning function.