Beijing BDStar Positioning Co., Ltd. (Navigation Business Division) is an independent business unit specialized in international agency under BDStar Navigation Group. We are committed to extending the application of global outstanding location products in China, and providing corresponding support and services.

With the business strategy of “customer orientation” and “win-win cooperation”, we have offered customers desired satellite positioning and inertial navigation products, technologies and solutions, and taken it upon ourselves to promote navigation application and development at home.

Based on BDStar’s nearly 20 years of experience in successful cooperation with NovAtel, we have forged strategic partnerships with world leading industrial enterprises such as Sensonor, Inertial Labs, ANTCOM and Visionmap, so as to constantly enrich our international agency resources.

We have formed three business sectors (satellite positioning, inertial navigation, remote sensing); as well as six product lines (NovAtel, Sensonor, Inertial Labs, BDSYG, BDSTQ, BDSKY).

Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd (stock code: 002151), founded on September 25th, 2000, is one of the first professional companies engaged in the navigation positioning services. As China’s leading company in the navigation positioning industry, the Company always insists on independent innovation, cooperative innovation and integrated innovation and takes promoting the industrialized application of BDStar industry and making contributions to the development of China’s navigation industry as its own duty, adheres to the marketing strategy of “Users First & Win-win Cooperation”, constantly improves and deepens the business model of “Products + System Application + Operation Service”, commits itself to providing users with excellent navigation positioning solutions and services.

NovAtel is a world-famous manufacturer of high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in Canada. Since its establishment in 1978, the Company has always devoted itself to the research & development and manufacture of high-precision GNSS products and been world-renowned for its high-quality products and its exquisite technologies. Receivers, antennas and components of high performance developed by NovAtel are core products in many high-precision positioning applications in the world. Now the products have been widely used in various fields, such as Integration of Measurement, Navigation, Measurement & Control, GIS (Geographic Information System), Aviation, Navigation, Automatic Control and Timing Service.

Sensonor is a leading producer of miniature and high-performance MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems) gyroscopes and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit). As the core parts on the navigation, guidance and stabilized platform, these products are widely applied in fields such as Industrial Automation, Aviation and Aerospace.

Founded in 2004, VisionMap is one of the main manufacturers of state-of-the-art digital automatic airborne imaging systems. The products can be used for various mapping applications. VisionMap’s innovative data acquisition and automatic image processing systems improve the survey and mapping and set a new standard for productivity in the Geospatial Information Industry.

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The Navigation Products Division is made up by a young and dynamic team of professionals. Since its inception, it adheres to the team concept of “grow up happily”,

shares interests and responsibilities and grows up together!

Team members always maintaines a positive attitude, strong faith, full passion and indomitable spirit, unites as one and makes concerted efforts to embrace changes and challenges!

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