As the domestic power grid continues to expand, long-distance transmission lines, such as UHV(EHV) transmission lines expand rapidly, and many transmission lines are located in the mountains, daily inspections on power lines need to strengthen, to maintain the power lines, to update electricity ledger data and to prevent electrical accidents, etc. Currently, the main work content of power line inspection mainly carried out by electricity workers in a way of climbing over the mountains and manual inspection to existing power lines. It is a hard, labor intensive work.

In recent years, China began to develop airborne intelligent inspection technology gradually. ALSS100, a complete set of solutions provided by BDStar dedicated power line inspection, obtains the three-dimensional coordinates of power lines, power facilities, vegetation and surface structures via a strapdown system which is formed by the integration of UAV-carried three-dimensional laser scanner and GNSS / INS integrated navigation equipment, completely extracts power line points through the analysis of post-processing software, and reconstructs three-dimensional power line corridors. It fast optimizes and maintains the obtained information, making the inspection of the power lines more convenient and efficient, thus increasing the quality and efficiency of the inspection.