As the gradual transition from digital forestry to smart forestry, information technology and forestry is deeply integrated to help and support forestry production, organization and management. Various elements related to forestry production are implemented digital design, intelligent control and scientific management. Effective supervision is conducted on forests, wetlands, desert, the status and dynamic changes of biological diversity. Results of the implementation of ecological projects are analysed and evaluated comprehensively and accurately. Since concepts about the optimization and upgrading of forestry industrial structure are proposed, it is imperative that the forestry shall be implemented scientific management.

With the help of three-dimensional laser scanning on vegetation, a series of parameters and statistical variables of forest that are based on LIDAR point cloud data can be extracted by the point cloud data processing software, including canopy height variable, density variable, strength variable, canopy density, leaf area index and clearance rate. The software can also use rapid inversion method to obatin biomass, forest stock volume, forest coverage. It can learn about the density of the forest, the status of trees with different ages, project the number of different tree species. It can obtain the DEM of the forest to achieve automatic extraction of forest structure parameters and three-dimensional scene reconstruction, facilitating forestry monitoring and management. It is truly a time-saving, energy-saving and efficient method.