Digital city achieves wide share of city information, by using the geospatial framework as positioning reference, and integrating comprehensive information of nature, society, economy, humanity and environment of the city, based on the network infrastructure. Digital city represents the development direction of city informationization, and serves as an important means for driving the informationization of the country as a whole. Along with the development of spatial information science, the traditional way of survey and mapping can meet the need of fast acquisition and update of spatial information no longer. The mobile mapping system (MMS) emerges in response to the needs of times, becoming a typical representative technology of drawing.

MMS is one of the most cutting-edge technologies of survey and mapping, and represents the mainstream of surveying and preparation of future electronic maps. The system, consisting of motor vehicle mounted global navigation satellite system (GNSS), CCD (video system), inertial navigation system (INS), dead reckoning system or other advanced sensors and devices, quickly acquire real images of the city and the spatial data and property data of various urban facilities, to form a visible, measurable real 3D data platform of all elements of the city. Based on NovAtel SPAN® product lines, BDStar can provide MMS users of various requirements with a variety of solutions, to achieve 1cm+1ppm positioning precision and 0.03m/s velocity accuracy, as well as 1% degree and 1‰ degree of attitude measurement for vehicle-mounted, aircraft-mounted or ship-mounted platform. For users requiring calculation results of higher precision, Inertial Explorer integrated post-processing software will be a better choice.

System composition

The MMS mainly comprises RTK base station, GNSS/INS integrated navigation system, wireless data transmission link, GNSS/INS integrated post-processing software, laser scanner, wheel speed sensor, 360° panorama camera and video camera. The system can be widely applied to high-definition street view capture, management of city components, road information acquisition for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), road facility survey and 3D modeling for cities.