SOTM is short for “mobile satellite ground station communication system”. Through SOTM system, vehicles, ships, aircrafts and other mobile carriers can track the communication satellite in real time in the process of movement, and transmit voice, data, images and other multimedia information without interruption. It can meet the multimedia communication needs for a variety of military and civilian areas under the emergency communication and mobile condition.

“SOTM” is made up of the automatic tracking system and satellite communication system: the automatic tracking system is to ensure that the satellite transmit antenna points at the satellite accurately during vehicle movement; the satellite communication system is to uplink the collected (such as TV signals) to the satellite, and downlink to ground satellite receivers by the transponder.

During movement, the geographical position and attitude orientation changes of carriers will cause antenna axial direction to deviate from the satellite and lead to communication interrupt or weakened transmission signal, so the attitude and orientation changes of the carrier must be compensated, to make the antenna always point at the satellite. This is the precondition of mobile carriers for uninterrupted satellite communications.


“SOTM ” automatic tracking system measures the heading angle, attitude angle and the latitude and longitude of the carrier’s location by the integrated inertial navigation system in the initial static situation, and then according to these information, it automatically determines antenna elevation angle and azimuth angle based on the horizontal plane, and makes the satellite antenna track geostationary satellites in real time through the servo control during carrier movement.

At present, “SOTM ” has been widely used in domestic public security fire control, regional security, armed police exercises, relief command and major events broadcast. As the public becomes more aware of “SOTM”, a variety of new applications will come out.