Aerial vehicles contain various types of aircraft and spacecraft.

In order to ensure smooth flight and security of an aircraft and make its flight path under control, monitor its flight status in real time, a heading and attitude measurement system is needed to install on an aircraft to measure and control the roll angle, pitch angle and heading angle of the aircraft.

Aircraft heading and attitude measurement system usually consists of multi-axis gyro, multi-axis accelerometer, navigation calculation algorithm, signal conversion and transmission modules and other components. Among them, the gyro and accelerometers are inertial devices, sensing the motion angular rate and linear acceleration of the aircraft, causing the system output angular rate ω, linear acceleration a, pitch angle θ, roll angle φ and other data.

Since most aircraft have strict requirements on components about their size and weight, more and more aircraft projects choose small-size and lightweight MEMS inertial components to integrate a heading and attitude system.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce the development costs as well as ensure the stability and reliability of the heading and attitude system, STIM series products, high cost-effective multi-axis MEMS inertial components, become the first choice of domestic aircraft companies.