Highspeed rail is a railway system with overall trip speed of 200 km/h to 300 km/h. It’s fast in speed and demands high reliability. The traditional sensor monitoring and communication system cannot fully meet the precision and high reliability requirement of highspeed rail for real-time location, speed and communication link under various environment or emergencies. However the GNSS satellite navigation can make up for this situation. This application is mainly composed of high precision positioning speed detection board, multi-mode antenna, orbital information receiving sensor, DMI, transponder transmission module, vehicle-mounted safety computer, BDS RDSS satellite communication module, the remote monitoring software, etc. Among them the positioning and communication run independently on the two systems. High precision positioning speed detection board can provide accurate position and speed information of vehicles. The BDS RDSS module provides 24-hour satellite communication link backup, to increase the adaptability and safety of train operation.